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Trading pokemon via the shop.Edit

Ever wonder how you can buy pokemon? You can just go to the shop!

The shop has MANY different kinds of pokemon, but some pokemon can only be gotten via secret swap or Trainer's Corner trading!

There are 4 different groups of pokemon. The Golden promo, group. The Dark Pokemon, Group. The Shiny Pokemon, Group. And the Normal Pokemon, group.

Shiny and Dark groups.Edit

The Shiny group is a group of pokemon that cost about twice or more the amount than the original form.

Do you know why? Because! It one, looks cooler, and two, its defence gets powered up in the day.

The Dark group is almost the same, but the pokemon are black, and they get there power powered up at night, not defence at day.

Golden Promos.Edit

Golden promos are only receivable by a promo thing.

They cost about 10x the Dark and Shiny groups combined.

I'm pretty sure that all of the Golden Pokemon's stats get boosted at every time of day.

I need more info on this before being sure of it.




Shrimpy and friends

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